Friday, February 10, 2012

Sarawak State Needs North-South Highway

The Federation of Chinese Associations Miri Division wants both Federal and state governments to take immediate steps to improve the state trunk road in order to make it on par with the North-South Highway in Peninsular Malaysia.
In making this call, chairman Soo Mei Kwang stressed that there was a need to have a better road system to connect all major towns and cities in Sarawak.

This was among the key points that he brought up to the attention of Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud on Sunday night during a Chinese New Year dinner held by the federation here.

“We want to see a north-south highway built in Sarawak so that all the major towns would have proper road links.

Currently the standard of the state trunk road is way below that of the peninsula’s.

“We also want to see the relaxation of housing loan conditions so that everyone can buy houses.

“Another important issue that the Government must look into is the qualifications of those studying in independent Chinese schools.

“The Government must recognise the academic qualifications from such schools so that students can secure better jobs,” he said.

Acting Head of State Datuk Amar Moha-mad Asfia Awang Nassar also attended the dinner.

Soo thanked the state government for the concern shown towards Chinese communities in Sarawak.

He also acknowledged that Taib had personally helped to resolve some nagging issues affecting the Chinese business communities on numerous occasions.

“In 2008, the Chief Minister gave a 70% discount of assessment rates to all buildings under the Federation of Chinese Associations.

Datuk Seri Wong Soon Koh (Second Finance Minister, and Local Government and Community Development Minister) later reduced the rate by another 30%.

“Our leaders have been concerned about the development of the Chinese business sectors,” he said.

Soo also said that the federation would need to have its own building here.

Taib, in his speech later, approved the construction of the building and said the state government would look into assisting the federation in getting the project started.

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