Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rising of Missions Schools ???!!!

As major missions schools in Malaysia has been complaining on neglect and lack of funding towards mission schools, there is finally a sense of hope and a helping hand for missions schools in the country.

For Sarawakians, we all know our once RENOWN and PRESTIGE Missions schools : St. Joseph Secondary School Kuching, St. Mary Secondary School Kuching, St. Teresa Secondary School Kuching and so on. They emerge since the British Colonial period as early as 1884 till now.

St. Joseph Secondary School Kuching

St. Teresa Secondary School Kuching

St. Joseph Secondary School Miri

St. Mary Kuching

Mission Schools Go Private - It's HAPPENING...


I am sure lots have heard that Mission Schools in Sarawak is Going PRIVATE~!!! Good news is, the federal government has approved a special allocation of RM70 MIL ~!!!! and Sarawak is getting fair share of this amount! Indeed this is a great news for missions schools in the mean time where funding is very needed.

Deputy Chief Minister and also President of SUPP Sarawak Tan Sri Dr George Chan will ensure that each mission school will get the amount they needed. He acknowledged those schools has played a vital role in Malaysia's education system. We all know most of our famous leaders and politic candidates came out from missions schools.

Thanks to SUPP because they will always fight for a better deal for these mission schools and try to resolve the problems these schools faced as best as they could. This is what we all want to see from SUPP. Although the fund is slow and there's frustration but efforts are on the go and progress is on the move.

Mission Schools have to get going and move on .... THEIR existence are indeed very SIGNIFICANT in Sarawak or.. in the whole Malaysia..

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