Thursday, March 17, 2011

Poor Ng, Helpless Ng

Ignorance from PKR Leader

My Malaysia is back with more Dominique updates. Refering to

Dominique Ng will bankrupt again … Where’s TAUKE PKR when Dominique has to thicken up his face launching ‘Save Dominique Fund’ to save his own ass? There’s no one from PKR helping him? Pakatan has no CAPITAL?

The most important thing is, if PKR can’t even help their party member; are they gonna help other people? Well, if they do help, with sincerity or with motives?

At least with reference on what is happening on Dominique Ng now, we can have certain ideas what is the party’s attributes. Not hard isn’t it? One side is preaching how great they can make a difference and the other side they’re gonna forsake their party member by not helping when he is in trouble..

Between DAP & PKR?

What can you get from DAP and PKR in this case? For sure we know that this will cause disagreement and grudges between these parties. Now, we are looking at bth parties as part of the component in Pakatan! Wth?

This is a foresee prediction that the coalition between these 2 parties will bring troubles to the leadership of Pakatan. Imagine what will happen if Pakatan took over Sarawak state? Are we gonna watch drama of inside parties everyday once they take over of who’s gona sit at which position?

PR has to measure their own capabilities before condemning BN Sarawak whereby the welfare of the people of Sarawak has been taken care of. Even though sometimes it is not favorable but BN is trying their real best in helping the people.

Don’t lose everything precious in Sarawak to the hands of some weak parties who give GREAT but also EMPTY promises just for the sake of winning the election. Look at what happen to Selangor now under PAS and the promises that have been promise but never fulfilled in other states; think twice before you cast a vote.

What will happen to Dominique Ng next??

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