Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Finally! Medicine-by-post

Good grief! Sarawak General Hospital is handling out medicine using Pos Laju to reach to Rural Patients! This is very beneficial towards patients who are unable to come to hospital to claim their medicine as of their disabilities. Once this program is launched, hospital will be able to save traveling cost going to the rural areas and by using Pos Laju, it is more efficient and be able to reach out to more patients.

KUCHING, Jan 24 (Bernama) - The 1Malaysia ‘Medicine By Post’ (UMP) service introduced by the Health Ministry last August has succeeded in easing the problems of patients, particularly those staying far off from hospitals or health clinics, said the Deputy Director of the Sarawak General Hospital (HUS), Dr Junaidi Diki.He said besides overcoming the problem of congestion at the hospital’s pharmaceutical counters, the 1Malaysia UMP service could also ease the burden of patients particularly in terms of transport cost to collect the medicines because under the system, patients were only charged between RM5 and RM10 depending on the distance of their house and the weight of the medicines posted.

Pharmacist Officer, Zanisah Ahmad Torky (right) handover the medicine package to Pos Laju's officer, Zachary Philip in Kuching.

“The 1Malaysia UMP service can be implemented anywhere and it depends on the capability of Pos Malaysia Berhad through its ‘Pos Laju’ service whether in the rural or interior areas,” he told reporters after launching the HUS 1Malaysia UMP service, here today.

He said that so far, 38 patients at the HUS were using the 1Malaysia UMP service besides 15 heart patients at the HUS Heart Centre.

However, he said the 1Malaysia UMP service could be requested from the pharmaceutical section based on the criteria such as understanding the medicines prescribed, the types of dosage and types of disease suffered by the patients concerned.

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