Wednesday, February 23, 2011

NZ quake: All M’sian students in Christchurch are safe

"A major search and rescue operation is underway in Christchurch yesterday where at least 100 people remain trapped under rubble.

Construction workers and search and rescue specialists toiled under floodlights to dig out survivors and the dead from buildings flattened by the earthquake that ripped the city apart.

Dozens of search and rescue and medical staff have arrived to continue with the frantic recovery effort.

Yesterday's earthquake has claimed at least 65 lives and scores more are injured in what Prime Minister John Key says "may well be New Zealand's darkest day".

The death toll is already the second highest from a New Zealand earthquake - outranked only by the 256 people killed in the violent 7.9 1931 Hawke's Bay quake, whose 70th anniversary was marked earlier this month.

Police have reported "multiple fatalities" at several locations in the downtown area, including in buses crushed by falling buildings.

Buildings have been destroyed with at least 100 people believed to be trapped inside. Rescuers warned some people remained trapped overnight."

KUALA LUMPUR(Bernama): All 390 Malaysian students in Christchurch are reported to be safe Tuesday after a strong earthquake hit the New Zealand city, toppling buildings, igniting fires and causing many deaths.

"Officers from our High Commission in Wellington went to Christchurch after the earthquake struck this morning and found the students safe," said Deputy Foreign Minister Senator A. Kohilan Pillay.

The earthquake, measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale, had cut off telecommunication links and disrupted power, making contacts with the students difficult.

Kohilan told Bernama that the High Commission had been directed to monitor the situation from Christchurch.

"At this end, Wisma Putra will open an operations room which will keep in touch with our people out there," he said.

The students are studying at the Canterbury, Otago and Lincoln universities. The Malaysian High Commission in New Zealand can be contacted at +64 421 868801 or +64 4385 2439 (contact person Datuk Dr Rosli Mohammed, Director and Counsellor of Education).

Canterbury Malaysian Students Association president Poh Eng Eu told Bernama through e-mail that his house was shaken but no visible structural damage occurred.

"The situation in the city is quite bad with 65 reported casualties so far. Telephone connection is not really good, it's hard to get hold of people so we just using send text messages most of the time," said the Petaling Jaya lad.

According to him, since the news of the earthquake broke out, he had been bombarded with calls and text messages from family members and relatives from not only Malaysia but other countries as well.

Poh said he had also contacted the Malaysian Students Department liaison officer in Wellington and told them about the situation.

This disaster follows the earthquake of Sept 4 in Christchurch which was the most destructive that New Zealand had suffered in 80 years when a 7.0 magnitude tremor damaged 100,000 homes.

There were no fatalities, but buildings were reported to have been damaged and weakened, and the city centre was cordoned off for weeks for fear that some would collapse. -

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

SUPP, The Champion of Chinese schools

Sarawak has the highest number of Chinese independent high schools totaling 14 schools, 5 of which are located in Sibu.

Take a look at the current Chung Hua Middle School 1, 2, 3 and 4 which are the fruits of SUPP. Aren’t these schools there because of them? Can we deny and ignore what have the party have done for us and the Chinese education community in the past?

Will this institution be here if not for SUPP?

The Chinese came to Sarawak 180 years ago, Chinese community has been gone to Chinese schools and the schools have been existed for so long.

They manage to survive through fund raising concerts and private donators. Chinese education is the only area which you don’t need to be in gov to help Chinese education. Today, Chinese education remain strong despites some difficulties that they are facing. Why DAP has to make such a big fuss that they can’t help Chung Hua Schools but ONLY GOVERNMENT can???

SUPP has been always behind Chinese education and contribute so much that we can ever imagine. Chinese education will not reach till this stage without the existence of this party. We CANNOT DENY that they have been one of the biggest contributors in getting grants, organizing fund raising concerts and many more.

It is the fact that in 2007 SUPP has donated RM500,000.00 to fourteen (14) Chinese Middle schools in Sarawak. The donation shows SUPP's supports and commitment in the development of Chinese education in Sarawak. Party President Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan Hong Nam presents the donations to the following Chinese Middle school: -

04. SM MIN LIT BATU KAWA (Batu Kawa)
12. SM KAI DEE (Bintulu)

Do they need to make a BIG NOISE telling all the tabloids like CERTAIN PARTIES that these are what they have done for the schools? The answer is no. For those who usually have their very BIG personal space in major tabloids are just for free publicity and attention gathering purpose only..

Monday, February 14, 2011



行动党自三零八全国大选后处处维护回教党,并替回教党的所作所为辩护和粉饰. 行动党在丁能补选中颠倒是非,谎称回教徒女性不跟男性握手的习惯,这根本是,睁著眼睛说瞎话。








Friday, February 11, 2011

Incredibility of DAP

TAWAU -- Sabah Pakatan Rakyat endured another round of shock today when ten Tawau DAP leaders including publicity chief James Leong Yun Fui (picture) have quit and joined Gerakan, a Barisan Nasional (BN) component party. This came barely twenty four hours after Pakatan coalition partner, PKR's Sabah chief, Pajudin Nordin threw in the towel before joining UMNO.

The resignation of the DAP leaders was announced by Gerakan vice-president Liew Yun Fah at a Chinese New Year open house here today. The group handed their Gerakan membership application forms to Sabah BN chairman and Chief Minister Musa Aman who passed them over to Liew.

Leong said they had lost confidence in the party leadership who were only good at talking and incapable of delivering their promises.

He said only BN was capable of bringing development to the people via the 1Malaysia concept introduced by Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Musa said the resignation of DAP leaders proved that the opposition had failed to solve the people's problems and rendered them irrelevant to Sabah.

He was confident that more DAP leaders and members would leave the party to join BN component parties.

Meanwhile, Liew said the resignation was a positive sign that BN could recapture Sri Tanjung state seat from DAP.

He said the Chinese community had realised that only BN could bring them development and champion the people.

The series of resignation would have dealt Anwar Ibrahim with a major setback, and may signal a crisis within the coalition rife with infighting and now face a crisis of confidence. The loss in the Tenang by-election have prompted the national pakatan leadership into some deep soul searching but a solution to stem the haemorrhage is nowhere in sight.

Pakatan leader, Wan Azizah has been tasked to reverse the tide but currently may have to contend with the excuse that a little blood-letting from within its fold may indeed be good.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Finally! Medicine-by-post

Good grief! Sarawak General Hospital is handling out medicine using Pos Laju to reach to Rural Patients! This is very beneficial towards patients who are unable to come to hospital to claim their medicine as of their disabilities. Once this program is launched, hospital will be able to save traveling cost going to the rural areas and by using Pos Laju, it is more efficient and be able to reach out to more patients.

KUCHING, Jan 24 (Bernama) - The 1Malaysia ‘Medicine By Post’ (UMP) service introduced by the Health Ministry last August has succeeded in easing the problems of patients, particularly those staying far off from hospitals or health clinics, said the Deputy Director of the Sarawak General Hospital (HUS), Dr Junaidi Diki.He said besides overcoming the problem of congestion at the hospital’s pharmaceutical counters, the 1Malaysia UMP service could also ease the burden of patients particularly in terms of transport cost to collect the medicines because under the system, patients were only charged between RM5 and RM10 depending on the distance of their house and the weight of the medicines posted.

Pharmacist Officer, Zanisah Ahmad Torky (right) handover the medicine package to Pos Laju's officer, Zachary Philip in Kuching.

“The 1Malaysia UMP service can be implemented anywhere and it depends on the capability of Pos Malaysia Berhad through its ‘Pos Laju’ service whether in the rural or interior areas,” he told reporters after launching the HUS 1Malaysia UMP service, here today.

He said that so far, 38 patients at the HUS were using the 1Malaysia UMP service besides 15 heart patients at the HUS Heart Centre.

However, he said the 1Malaysia UMP service could be requested from the pharmaceutical section based on the criteria such as understanding the medicines prescribed, the types of dosage and types of disease suffered by the patients concerned.